the Designers


“  When it comes to design, it is important for us to design for the person we know best -Ourselves. We put a lot of attention on design details and the user experience Ultimately, our designs come from a very authentic place; it’s us.  ”

Friends since college, Lynn & Tiffany lived the lives of the classic “parachute kid”, consistently flying back and forth between Asia and the US.  Lynn grew up with strong roots in the handbag business, where her father and uncles ran their own handbag line and have over 35 years of experience in leather goods manufacturing. Originally from New York, Tiffany inherited her interior designer mother’s keen eye for elegant and classic designs.  A bag fanatic, Tiffany always owned each season’s “IT bag”.  But the two of them could never find the perfect bag for their traveling lifestyles.

heirloom-logo-sm The Heirloom logo is a play on east and west aesthetics. The alphabetic letter “H”; is fused into a traditional, Chinese lattice design. The Heirloom logo embodies not only the spirit of the brand, but also the roots of its founders, Lynn and Tiffany.

So in 2007, Lynn left her job as a graphic designer at a record company and Tiffany left her position at a luxury PR agency in pursuit of starting their own line of handbags for women on the go.  They decided if they were going to do this, they had to do it right.  So without hesitation, they left their upbeat city life and moved to the industrial and manufacturing region of China– Guangzhou Province.  After spending two years behind the scenes working with highly experienced craftsmen, world renowned luxury and fashion labels, and getting their hands dirty in leather tanneries and production lines, Lynn & Tiffany were able to fully appreciate and grasp the essentials to creating a beautiful, lasting handbag.

 the Brand

Heirloom opened its first boutique store in the bustling city of Shanghai in 2009 and have since expanded to 8 stores and over 30 stocklists around the world. In 2014, Heirloom was received an honorary feature as a leader and representative of the Shanghai fashion scene for its quality and fun accessory designs in Louis Vuitton’s exclusive Luxury City Guide. The same year, HEIRLOOM released a capsule collection of laptop bags in collaboration with APPLE retail.

bag-designOne of our long-standing signature pieces is our Veronica bag. Available in two sizes, it’s design is the perfect combination of elegance and edge -soft, quilted, supple Nappa leather paired with python/snake trim and light gold zipper detailing for a glamorous edge.

“ For our very first collection, we named all of our bags after one of our friends and each bag was designed with them in mind -from their lifestyles, personalities, to personal flair. Certain collections and bags now are named after places or people that have been in our lives and have influenced us in various ways. ”

 the Bag

A modern woman’s handbag is most often a chaotic place, brimming with keys, lipstick, metro cards, and a constantly ringing smartphone. HEIRLOOM handbags embody the sophisticated aesthetic that every woman aspires to without compromising usefulness, organization and living conveniences.Every Heirloom bag is named after a family, friend, or place that significant to the designers. Using only the best leathers and hardware, Heirloom handbags uses unconventional detailing in the pairing of pop colors and unique materials. More importantly, the designers focus on not only the aesthetics of the final product but also the functionality of each bag.